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Lady Gaga’s Netflix Documentary puts Fibromyalgia Front and Center

Lady Gaga’s Netflix Documentary puts Fibromyalgia Front and Center

In quite a few methods, Lady Gaga’s new Netflix documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two, is your standard pop celebrity documentary, inside the vein of Madonna’s Truth or Dare or Katy Perry’s Part of Me. It follows her around as she’s writing and recording songs and track motion pictures for her album Joanne, and getting ready for live performance appearances (consisting of her overall performance at Super Bowl XLI).

There are glimpses of her own family life, and Lady Gaga, or in this case, regular antique Stefani Germanotta, attends a baptism as the godmother to one in every of her bandmates’ toddlers. You meet her parents and grandparents. All wellknown movie star documentary cloth.

What sets Gaga: Five Foot Two apart is Lady Gaga’s willingness to position her conflict with chronic ache, particularly her fibromyalgia, the front and middle in her story. In fact, the whole doc is shot through with ache and trauma, and the struggle to preserve not simply her sanity but preserve to characteristic at a high stage. The film opens with Gaga getting out of bed and getting a treatment for her hip ache. So proper away we understand that pain goes to be the front and middle.

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About 38 minutes into the film, after a shifting scene in which Gaga plays a song for her father and grandmother, we see her in a full blown fibro flare, which on the time of the filming was undiagnosed. We see Lady Gaga, mendacity on the sofa underneath a towel, crying, describing “the whole proper aspect of my frame in a spasm.” It’s effective, and some thing that anyone with fibromyalgia has long past thru.

She even recognizes, to her credit, I assume, how her privilege as a hugely famous and rich entertainer lets in her get admission to to consistent and splendid healthcare. “I think of different humans which have, perhaps some thing like this, however which might be suffering to determine out what it’s miles, and don’t have the money to have a person assist them,” she says. “And I don’t know what I’d do without some of these human beings to assist me. What the hell could I do?”

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It’s a good query and one that many, if no longer most, people with fibromyalgia ask themselves on a daily foundation. We recognize how tough it’s far to get a physician to take it severely, how stigmatized chronic pain is. And the general public don’t have thousands and thousands of greenbacks and nurses as part of their entourage. But it’s nonetheless pretty wonderful to look her cross from that to acting a lighting-out rendition of “Bad Romance” for Tony Bennett’s birthday simply hours later.

Next, we get a montage of her working, squeezing past paparazzi, recording radio station greetings, unexpected lovers. In a way it’s inspiring, to peer someone go from being in a lot pain to being non-stop “on” for an adoring, voracious public. Again, this is all preferred celeb pop megastar stuff: Gaga dealing with a public breakup, worrying approximately whether or not her lengthy-time enthusiasts will like her new appearance, will the file be any excellent?

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But it’s the fibro stuff that sticks with you. We see her touring her medical doctor, listing her symptoms and medicines. This is one of those “Stars, they’re just like us” moments that celebrities try to pull off, and now not usually effectively. But Lady Gaga manages to do it. She receives a trigger point injection and we get to peer it, all the at the same time as she’s stressing out due to the fact the new album is leaking everywhere in the net.

“Awareness” is one of these bizarre phrases that receives thrown round a lot for diseases like fibromyalgia, and I’m not continually positive it’s enough for humans to just be “aware” that something exists. But Lady Gaga’s choice to reveal herself in so much pain, and to allow us to into her medical doctor’s office along with her, seems to be doing greater than just raising awareness.

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It sincerely can chip away at the stigma of those continual conditions. Nobody may want to ever, looking Lady Gaga undergo her preparations for acting at the Super Bowl, and get in touch with her “lazy,” that’s a not unusual slur thrown at people with continual pain situations. I suppose there are some who may have a look at this and say, “Well, if Lady Gaga can do it, why can’t you get of off the bed?”

But absolutely misses the point. As Gaga herself factors out, she has a variety of money to pay for international-magnificence hospital treatment, money that no longer all people has. But there’s also a vulnerability that she indicates that a variety of celebrities of her stature wouldn’t, and that’s a huge deal.

Definitely watch the movie, especially in case you’re a fan. But even if you’re now not, it’s still an critical film, for displaying fibromyalgia in such an intimate setting.

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