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3 Ways Lady Gaga’s “The Cure” Reflects Life with Fibromyalgia

3 Ways Lady Gaga’s “The Cure” Reflects Life with Fibromyalgia

The well-known singer Lady Gaga disclosed that she is a chronic pain victim in 2007. And, she remained on the pinnacle in information that year. As an eleven-yr-antique fibromyalgia sufferer, I became curious approximately how this disease would possibly affect her song career. There are many ways to describe the lyrics of any tune. I analyzed Gaga’s music “The Cure” in exclusive ways. And, each time I determined that the lyrics of this track constitute the conflict of a fibromyalgia sufferer.

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The 3 fundamental motives due to which I recall this tune as a war for human beings with fibromyalgia are:

Effort is required to perform simple tasks

The beginning traces of the song are “I’ll undress you, ’motive you’re worn-out”. And at the end, it says, “rub your toes, your palms, your legs/ let me care of it babe/close your eyes, I’ll sing your favored track/ I wrote you this lullaby”

According to me, all these lines gift the situation of fibromyalgia. This is a fact that each one regular and easy tasks seem as a mission in fibro. However, I’m fortunate that my pain isn’t always that extreme because it changed into within the beyond. But, every now and then a surprising ache is still insufferable. It does no longer permit me to do easy such things as replying for mail, cooking my very own meals or taking walks to the class. Along with this, I need my close friends and own family to help me on those days.

The most affected parts of my body are back, shoulders and neck. And I would say “massage” in the days of pain would be the best gift ever. And, this song says all these things. Therefore, I think that all the people with fibromyalgia feel the same for this song.

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Living with invisible chronic pain is very hard

According to me, the only line that means of Lady Gaga’s “The Cure” is: “Singing a tune to launch the ache of a person you’re in love with.”

The different hard factor about fibromyalgia is that it has no proper remedy manner. There are drug treatments that help to ease the pain. Also, changing lifestyle can assist to release pain. And Lady Gaga explains this through announcing “can’t find the therapy”.

It’s virtually painful to recognize that the one that you love has to live a life with a pain that is incurable. It offers me the equal pain too. I agree with that if there’s a few choice to shift ache, my mother would take all my ache. She feels my ache and wants to do the whole lot to present me remedy. I’ve visible my father in ache due to my pain.

“The Cure” seems like heart-warming words from my cherished ones for me when I’m deeply in pain. The words of the song give me consolation. And, it seems like someone is truly involved about me. My support gadget is trying to do everything that gives me comfort. And, all they wanted for me is to be regular.

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Love can’t cure the pain but seems to be healing

The music has lovely lyrics: “I’ll fix you with my love”/ “Promise, I’ll be the therapy”.

However, it’s additionally real that the ache of fibromyalgia can’t be “fixed”. There are several methods to get some relief from the pain. But, it is able to’t be cured absolutely. Therefore, the “love” from your guide machine makes you experience lucky and relax.

It’s greater like this track explains the significance of affection and support for someone stricken by persistent contamination. The different reality approximately fibromyalgia is that it’s an invisible ache. A man or woman appears to be normal apparently. But, in real he is suffering from deep consistent ache. Therefore, frequently near pals and family take a variety of time to understand your circumstance.

However, the affection of someone who believes in your ache can’t heal your pain. But, it makes you robust to face the symptoms. Moreover, several research have proven fibromyalgia people with a terrific support machine have a better nice of life. And, whenever I hear Lady Gaga’s “The Cure” I smile and thanks for the lovely humans I even have. My dad and mom are continually geared up to concentrate to me and comfort me. My fine friends who don’t know approximately this contamination attempt their great to manage my ache. And, remaining but no longer least my fellow fibromyalgia patients along with Lady Gaga are my source of courage.

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