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I Am So Sick Of Being Sick With Fibromyalgia Disease

I Am So Sick Of Being Sick With Fibromyalgia Disease

I Am So Sick Of Being Sick – Having a chronic illness which includes fibromyalgia genuinely does take its toll on you, particularly if you have a ton of other stuff together with it like me. It waxes and wanes but it by no means is going away, at the least it doesn’t for me. Right now I need to say it’s as horrific as it has ever been earlier than. My pain stage has driven me to this point down that even my nice outlook is suffering. I am so unwell of being sick.


My best break out is the sleep I get however now the ache is twisting my dreams and I can’t even break out it there now. I wide awake so sore that it makes me need to scream out simply to transport. I’m as worn-out after I awaken as I became once I went to mattress. Relief appears to be escaping me these days.


Get more exercising, that’s what they are saying. They haven’t any idea how tough this is to do whilst every movement makes you need to draw back with pain. When taking walks any distance at all makes your backbone feel as though it’s just going to crumble apart and disintegrate. I do what I can, I walk brief distances, I do leg lifts in my chair, but it’s difficult. I desire others may want to recognize how hard.

Lose Weight

I try, I virtually do. Without being able to be as active as you need to be it’s a completely hard thing to do. I understand my weight, which changed into placed on after falling sick, makes it worse. It makes my self-image worse too which doesn’t help matters in any respect. I wish I ought to lose it and I’m trying tough to, but it’s a slow manner feeling as I do.


Take your meds. I do, I promise I do, simply as they inform me to do, however it isn’t assisting enough. I even have neglected them and I become lucky no longer to spend the day curled up in a ball at the ground, so I realize they assist, however they aren’t doing sufficient. There needs to be something accessible that will assist provide me my lifestyles back.


Depression? Sure, I conflict with melancholy. When there isn’t a part of your body that doesn’t hurt all the time, you is probably depressed too. And, I assume those people who feature with this, is lots stronger than human beings give us credit for.

Food Intake

I can’t even eat with out experiencing signs and symptoms. Because after I devour something, it sends me strolling to the bathroom. There isn’t an aspect of residing that fibromyalgia or the slew of co-current situations do now not contact. You name it, there may be an unwell impact to go together with it.

Life Still Goes On

The signs feed off every other, every one inflicting the others to be worse. I try and live superb, knowing this may skip and I will feel better, but even then I received’t sense true. I actually have my accurate spells but even then there’s still the ever-gift pain, melancholy, stomach issues, and so on. Still, there are higher times when I can do greater and enjoy more, but what do I do within the intervening time?

I’m getting worn down, bodily, mentally and emotionally. I’m dropping wish that there are top days ahead and that remedy may be located. Therefore, I mustn’t permit myself get like that, I need to continually accept as true with there may be desire, however proper now that’s hard.

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