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Chronic Pain Is So Much More Than “Just Pain”

Chronic Pain Is So Much More Than “Just Pain”

People very often don’t understand what it’s like to live with Fibromyalgia, and other invisible chronic illnesses that cause chronic pain. They’ve experienced regular pain in their lives- pretty much everyone has, in some way- but, they’ve never had to deal with long-lasting pain. I actually attempted to look up the “official” labels for the different types of pain I’ve felt with this condition, but couldn’t find a label with an adequate description for all of them. I found technical descriptions, and sometimes patient descriptions, but nothing that was completely accurate.

Chronic pain is very different from your average pain. It can range from mild to severe, but even the mildest chronic pain can be harder to handle long-term, than an acute, or short-lived, severe pain. It’s relentless- stalking you incessantly until you’re screaming, crying, and desperate for relief- making it a serious struggle to do even the simplest of tasks. Some days, we celebrate just making it from our bed to the couch because it’s really that hard to do that day. The pain likely made it impossible to get a restful sleep; and don’t forget all the other symptoms that go along with these illnesses.

Extreme fatigue, nausea, cognitive issues, migraines, sensitivity to light, sound, smells, touch, and motion- the list is a long one. The pain isn’t just one type of pain, either. I guess that would be too easy. No, the pain likes to take on many forms. Many times, multiple forms at the same time. It’s a blast…..please read that with as much sarcasm as you can muster, because it’s definitely not fun in any way.

From feeling my own pain, and from interviews with others with Fibromyalgia, the following types of pain seem to be common with our condition:

Musculoskeletal pain.

Feels like a deep, achey, manner-beyond-the-flu type feeling that crawls thru my frame and units in, now and again for weeks, or months, at a time.

Nerve pain

I’ve wrote it before, and I have to once more- nerve pain is the satan. It’s torturous, and can make you sense insane because you’ll swear your body is on hearth. It’s the worst stabbing, itching, and burning pain you can consider. Like burning your self on a red hot piece of metal, however not able to do ANYTHING to assuage it. I constantly stare at something body part it’s going on to, seeking to persuade myself I’m NOT on hearth, or melting. It’s kind of a thoughts trick.

Pressure pain

My personal label due to the fact I’ve but to discover an adequate “professional” label. It can come in two exclusive forms. One kind can be felt all over my body, feeling like I’m being sat on by way of a semi-truck, then run over some instances. You sense encumbered, nearly unable to transport, like your body is being held down. The second kind pops up randomly, apparently anywhere it wants, feeling like you’ve abruptly been pierced via an arrow. It’s typically in a 2”-4” spherical spot, and pulses with a deep, but sharp, throbbing ache for anywhere from four seconds to twenty mins. It fades away after a piece, leaving a peculiar pain in the back of.

Joint pain

Many people are already acquainted with this type of pain, both from standard getting old, or arthritis. It can feel like a pointy jab through your joint, or a deep pain inside the bone of the joint.


I include this because it rarely doesn’t convey ache with it. It can make you swell, inflicting any other sort of strain, making you feel like your body will explode. Many instances, remedy doesn’t seem to assist, and stiffness units in, making it difficult to stroll without feeling like a stick parent.


Methods/clinical remedy pain: Oh sure, the very matters which can be presupposed to be supporting us, can very regularly upload to our ache, making things even extra hard. There are so many extraordinary pains this will reason, it’s not possible to explain all of them, but I’ll name it “healing pain.”

TMJ/jaw/face pain

It looks like we’ve this in common, too. Whether it’s as a result of awful enamel from the conditions themselves, or medications to treat them; or infection inside the connective tissues inside the jaw, we can have sharp pain in our face. It can be excruciating, taking each little bit of willpower I even have now not to scream. All the ones pains continuously bombarding us, along with that long listing of different signs, make easy day by day activities appreciably harder for us than the average man or woman.

In an try to virtually help give an explanation for the variations, I’ve compiled a list of a few ordinary sports that quite a whole lot each person has to do in some unspecified time in the future. After every hobby, I’ve defined how it can sense to the ones folks with continual pain.

1. Just getting showered– can sense like we simply ran multiple miles on the cease of a very lengthy day, then jumped in the bathe. We’re exhausted and barely able to flow when it’s over.
2. Stepping outside in weather above 75°– right away feels like we’ve honestly spent eight hours doing tough hard work in 100°+ climate. It’s nearly not possible to live aware because the warmth drains each ounce of energy in seconds.
3. When the temperature is underneath 40°– immediately looks like we’ve been plunged, naked, into an ice bath. The ache is sharp, intense, and to the bone.
4. After going out to a club or concert, NO consuming– appears like we just went on a bender for the duration of Spring Break and have simply woken up on the primary sober day.
5. Getting a bruise– seems like being shot by way of an arrow.
6. Two hours into the day– can feel like we’ve already been up for three days straight.
7. Doing an hours well worth of mild yard work– commonly seems like we had been digging holes for 8 hours.

8. Riding in a automobile– feels like being in a demolition derby race that takes vicinity on a boat, within the center of a storm.
9. Attending a sports activities occasion as a spectator– appears like we played the game ourselves- and it turned into a touch recreation.
10. Doing some dishes– looks like you’ve just worked an 8 hour shift as a dish washer.
At least one of these things have to come up with an concept of the distinction in the energy it takes, and ache it causes, for us to do matters compared to the average person. I can truly keep in mind a time when these items were tons easier for me, too. Before. Before dealing with all the ache, symptoms, exhaustion, emotional struggles, and dating troubles resulting from having an invisible chronic infection. Before it were given not possible to live a everyday, energetic life.

We don’t choose for it to be tougher for us to make our bodies do what others can without difficulty accomplish, so try to recognize when we’re slower, or can’t exit, or prepare dinner dinner, or whatever else can be expected people. For my fellow chronic pain patients- it is difficult. It is actual, and never just for your head. It’s exhausting, and attempts to break us, however we’re stronger. We fight every day. We have price, energy, courage, and compassion. Keep preventing. Find something to offer yourself reason if you are feeling nugatory. A profession does now not decide your value, much like your condition does no longer outline you until you allow it.

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